17 Feb 2011   06:58:06 pm
Ivy in bookstores, and my convention schedule for 2011

Great news, everybody! I'm so excited to announce the release of IVY in hardcover from the fine folks at Oni Press. After so long, it's finally out on the shelves. I am beyond happy with the finished product - after so many years, it's really something to see it in a single volume, with the art touched up and everything. It's available via online booksellers, but if you want to support the comics industry in a more direct way, you can pick it up or special-order it from your local comic book shop. Keep it local!

Please note that I am no longer selling the chapters as minicomics, either as single issues or as a set.

I will be appearing at the following comic conventions in 2011 (this list might be updated once I have more information about tabling and travel plans):

March 4 - 6 SEATTLE Emerald City Comic Con
April 16 - 17 PORTLAND Stumptown Comics Fest
October 13 - 16 NYC New York Comic Con

I am still waiting to hear about Wondercon in San Francisco and SPX in Bethesda, MD, so I'll update once I nail the dates down.
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